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Xrom Main Features :
512 Mbit (equal to 64 Mbyte) of space to save your ROMS
USB-to-GBA Link programmer, Pogo Shell compatible,
Built in RTC (Real Time Clock), XCode Cheat plugin supported
30 Day Money Back & One Year Warranty

Review by xAix

X-ROM 512 Mb

Installing Xrom Linker

Im reviwing the latest and simplest gameboy linker which is called the GBA-XROM 512 which i bought from When i first got the package it was just a simple linker and a 512Mbit catridge. There was no CD no manual no package all i got was the linker and the flash card it self. So i wondered how do i get this working without an installation driver cd ? lol ...


The catridge was the flushed type catridge so theres no budging out like the old FLASH LINKER i use to have the 128Mbit is sticking out of the gameboy and its so damn tight to take it off... Unline this one it flushed right into the gameboy and its EASY to take out. The only thing i wished is that the catridge was black. Heheheheh ;)

So i started off by plugging in the X-ROM behind the gba... then plugging the usb cable to my pc.


You'll first be prompted to install the hardware driver .. damn it didnt came wit the driver so i had to search for the driver. Luckily its available so i downloaded it. You can download it here. The first default installation was unsuccessful coz the driver wasnt install yet. So i click the setup.exe file and started to install the driver. It will look something like this :


The installation is simple just NEXT NEXT NEXT till u reach the end :) LOL Youll be prompted with a warning that the driver isnt signed by microsoft etc bla bla STOP or CONTINUE. Just hit continue and the driver will be installed.


If you see the end isntallation light the picture on the right .. then u installed it succesfully. Congratulations ME. Hahahah. So after installing the driver i remove and inserted my X-ROM again from the pc then only it started to install the driver correctly. It will prompt out the warning again but this time its the XROM Final Driver so just click Continue Anyway after u remove and plug it back in. Or to make it simple 1 go. Before u insert the XROM into your pc just install the driver first ;)

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