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512Mb GBA X-ROM Card + Linker = 89 USD!

If you are one of the few people who are still without a gba Flash Card  - this is the time to get one. EasyBuy2000 the exclusive distributor of GBA X-ROM has reduced the price of the 512 Mb set to $89 USD! Must be one of Christmas miracles - I remember how we had to pay 300 bucks for 512M Flash Advance set just a couple of years ago.

Maybe X-ROM isn't the absolute best gba roms card but it sure is cheapest 512 M card and THE BEST at its price!

How does it compare to other cards?
The same as most of the Gameboy Flash cards:
Xrom is Gameboy Advance and GBA SP compatible. Same as the latest models of XG2Turbo and EZ-Flash 2 it has Real-Time Clock (RTC). Support hardware savers. Can be used for playing NES, SNES, SEGA, Spectrum, GB and PCE roms. New version of PogoShell now supports all 512M of the rom card! Xrom Uses one of the best Flash Writers out there - LittleWriter and that adds save game auto backup, cheat code support and many more features. Software at this point it is much better than what it was when Xrom was just released. Now you can adjust the clock and date in the cards main menu. Also flashing times have improved.

What Xrom doesn't have that other cards do:
It is bigger than F2A ultra or EZFA / ECube, it doesn't have the quick save buttons that F2A Ultra cards do and Xrom USB cable can not write roms to GBA internal VRAM memory like EZFA can but none of these features make any difference if what you want to do is simply play GAME ROMS from the Flash Card...

You can buy GBA X-ROM Card & Linker at EasyBuy2000
Order one now so that you get it before the holidays.

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Gameboy DS - A.K.A - GBoy

Nintendo DS is HERE!
NDS has been released in US - Europe and Japan has to wait!
Gameboy DS - A.K.A - GBoy

Irc Server down, backup fixed.
We'v got a backup server at : Join that to get to gbxemu, since our server is under maintanance. its the same network though ^_^. hope to see you there!!! irc:// UPDATED!!
Canabar -The forbidden one-
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Valve spent over $40Mil to developing HL2
Whats your take on this ? i think thats really really a lot of money but hey .. the game is really awesome the physics is great and the texture and all the rendering in this game is faboulous .. i dont know what to say but i love it ! sadly theres no multiplayer for it though i wonder why ? so whats your take on this ?
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Megaman Battle Network 5
Megaman Battle Network 5...Its comming...

Wana watch?
Click here then...
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Zelda the Minish Cap
Hey there Nintendo fans,
Nintendo has done it again with a new GBA RPG, Zelda The Minish Cap. This RPG is about Link on an adventure to defeat Vaati in order to turn princess Zelda back to a human from a statue. During his adventure he meets a talking hat which he saves from danger and so the hat joins Link in his adventure of rescuing princess Zelda. The talking hat gives Link the power to turn to a minish (tiny Link). As the story goes, he faces danger from dungeon to dungeon.

The game has a lot of puzzles that will make you think for hours and the story line is great. I really recommend this game to those who love adventure and surprises. I give it a thumbs up on the graphics, so please take this game into a concederation.

To get this rom, go to and download the rom.
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Damn Hackers
Hey there! ^_^ its me tyris and im back! :) today some hackers took over gbx and demanded $1000.... the cheek lol anyway myself, canabary and holy_seal teamed up, with our knowledge of smf, tools and hacking skills we managed to get into the admin interface, from there we deleted the 2 hacker admins (who left no trace of there IP) and are continuing to fix the site, if you have been affected by the hackers (your modship, your account details like custom title, been banned or password changed) pm in the forum, of course if your banned you cant pm in the forum so add me on msn ([email protected]) and newbies dont add me for the fuck of it, only people who have been affected... sorry to swear, and thanks! :)
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Official GBXEMU RomHacking Team
Friday, October 29th, 2004 - GBXEMU now has an official Rom Hacking Team. The team currently consist of 3 members: Canabary, Raven and Kairi, with Raven being our most experienced and knowledgable Rom Hacker.

There is as yet no current project the team is working on. Anyone interested to join the team, please send a private message to Canabary in the forums. You will be tested on your knowledge on the subject of Rom Hacking, and if you know enough, you will be accepted.

For more details, please visit this link:
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Half-Life 2 Gold on Monday!
Straight from the horses mouth is news that we can expect to see Half-Life 2 go gold on Monday, the 30th of August

Also .. Half-Life 2 is now available for pre-loading through Steam!

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Fix your computer NOW from viruses !
Free Windows XP SP2 CD it will be sent to your house directly from Microsoft. Patch it before its too late ;) ive already tried it lots of new feature its really cool. Especiall on the firewall section and internet explorer.

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